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What Is CouplesMeeting.com?

Nowadays, online dating is becoming more and more popular due to its rapidity and convenience. There are many dating sites on the Internet. Whether you want to find love, extramarital affairs, hookups, or money relationships, you can find them by using dating sites. If you are a couple who want to find another single person or some people who are also couples, or if you are a person who wants to find a couple to have some interesting exchanges, then you are in the right place.

CouplesMeeting.com is a review site which lists some best couples dating sites for people who want to meet couples. Each website listed by us will be registered and used in person, and all websites will be analyzed and compared and ranked according to the personal experience and comments of website members and based on the principles of objectivity, fairness and impartiality.

By visiting CouplesMeeting.com, You can learn about the work, functions, prices, advantages and disadvantages of these couples dating sites that listed by us. At the same time, you can also read about some dating tips and latest information on our review website.


How do we rank the couples dating sites?

There are many aspects to evaluating a website, and the following are some of the important criteria we use to evaluate a couples dating website.

1. Quality and quantity of users. The most intuitive way to evaluate the quality of a dating website is by observing the number of its members and the quality of its members. Generally speaking, trustworthy websites are easier to retain customers. Therefore, for websites with large membership base, we will consider placing them in a higher position. However, compared with quantity, we attach more importance to the quality of members, because high-quality members mean higher success rate of dating and fewer cheaters on the website, which is beneficial to the user experience.

2. Features and ease of use. Different websites have different features. Usually, all couples dating sites include search, photo browsing, instant chat, email and so on. Some good websites also include video shooting, video chat, live broadcast and other functions, while also developing app programs for members to use. The ease of use of the website is related to the user's experience. Simple and clear website style and easy-to-operate webpage interface will greatly reduce the waste of user's time.

3. Value for money. Generally speaking, higher prices mean better experiences. However, we will strictly follow the user feedback on the website and compare the website horizontally with the actual member price to finally give our ranking. Compared with other websites, if the price of website members is higher and there are more bad reviews, then we will place them in a lower position.

4. Customer service. We evaluate this point based on our own experience and user feedback from couples dating sites. Some couples dating websites are online 24 hours a day, seven days a week and have a good attitude. Then the ranking of this website will be improved.

5. Privacy protection. We will check online whether these dating sites have any history of privacy disclosure.



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